Yoghurty fruit

fruit yoghurt

This is pushing the definition of a recipe a bit.

While I fully expect to be throwing chocolate eclairs at a reclining Bert while he watches endless How I Met Your Mother reruns in a few years, at the moment I’m mostly avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Greek yoghurt has more protein, and is thicker so it clings to the fruit a bit better. (That also makes it a better choice for spoon fed yoghurt – feeding runny yoghurt to a child by spoon is a job for a more patient woman than me.) Serves 0.5 as I assume fully grown adults have better puddings at their disposal.

Serves 0.5

1 strawberry, quartered

1 kiwi fruit, in bite sized chunks

1/4 teaspoon of fruit puree or low sugar jam (I use Superjam)

3 or 4 teaspoons of yoghurt

Stir the jam into the yoghurt and coat the fruit with it. Watch it get stuffed into a damp face. In the picture, Bert’s combined it with his own snot – that’s optional but adds a salty tang.


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