Lawn salmon


Photo evidence of first ever haircut klaxon!

I’d hesitate to call this a recipe, but should I die: Tony, this is how Bert likes his salmon. It’s also very toddler and baby-at-the-finger-food-stage friendly. Quick too.

Serves 2

2 salmon steaks

2 dessert spoons pesto

Spread the pesto on top of the salmon to form a small lawn and put on a baking sheet in the oven at 200 degrees (or near the bottom of the Aga roasting oven) for about 15 minutes. As I write, Bert is wheeling some golden syrup and two AA batteries around in his miniature wheel barrrow.

We had ours with buttered new potatoes and odd ‘green’ beans that were yellow and curly (fresh, I hasten to add). Nice though.


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