Me and Bert’s sausage and mash


I’ve realised that this blog is done in the same spirit that I obsessively filled the freezer with breast milk when Bert was newborn. If anything happens to me, feed my child!

It’s best not to dwell too much on how many times the ingredients list a dessert spoon of butter.

Serves 1.5

4 good quality sausages

A generous knob of butter. (Maybe about a dessert spoon?)

A couple of floury potatoes, depending on your appetites

A dessert spoon of butter, a dessert spoon of creme fraiche, sea salt, ground black pepper, freshly ground nutmeg

1 leek, finely diced

A…dessert spoon of butter

A couple of handfuls of peas

A dessert spoon of water

Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the sausages. Do not prick them first. If you have an Aga, put the whole pan on the bottom of the roasting oven for a good half an hour, turning the sausages once. Otherwise, cook gently for half an hour on the hob. I believe that sausages need to be cooked slowly, and in butter!

Chop the potatoes into roughly equal pieces (don’t bother to peel), cover with cold water and simmer till tender. Drain, then immediately add the butter to the hot pan so it melts. (Adding the potatoes to warm butter – or warm cream – means they’re lighter and fluffier.) Push the potatoes through a potato ricer into the warm butter then stir through the creme fraiche and seasoning. I think the ricer’s essential for light, fluffy mash. It’s a completely different experience to mash done with a masher. And it peels the potatoes for you, so win win.

Meanwhile, saute the leek in the butter till soft, then add the peas and water and cover with a lid, steaming till the peas are tender. Add a little salt. The water and butter make a light sauce. (You could also do an onion gravy, but mine involves a good dessert spoon of butter so I dare not add the recipe here.) I do peas a bit like this, without the leeks but with the addition of freshly chopped mint, for a Sunday roast.

Bert ate very little of this and then had a massive bowl of bran flakes before bed. He seems to be going through a ‘phase’.


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