Raspberry and coconut frozen yoghurt


Served 3

200ml plain yoghurt

50ml double cream

60g golden caster sugar

20g dessicated coconut

200g raspberries

Blend the raspberries to a puree then put everything in an icecream maker till frozen while your toddler sits in the sink, filling beakers, teapots, buckets and small, plastic turtles and cooling their fat, little feet with cold water.


Berry and brown sugar frozen yoghurt


Serves 2.5

200ml plain yoghurt

50ml double cream

80g brown sugar

About 100g of strawberries and about 20g of blueberries (though to be honest, I just used what I had)

Put the yoghurt, cream and brown sugar into an icecream maker. While it’s churning, blitz half the berries in a food processor and roughly chop the rest. Add the blitzed berries to the freezing yoghurt and then fold in the chopped ones at the end. Churn till icecream-like. So easy you could make a second batch after your toddler’s in bed.

This really only counts as an easy, toddler dinner time pudding if you have the relevant electronics. I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t. Bert’s looks liquid in the picture because he’d been playing ‘Simon Says’ (Bert says) for 20 minutes. ‘Simon’ really likes us to put our hands on our head, pull two strands of our hair in opposite directions and do a mafia shrug.

Yoghurty fruit

fruit yoghurt

This is pushing the definition of a recipe a bit.

While I fully expect to be throwing chocolate eclairs at a reclining Bert while he watches endless How I Met Your Mother reruns in a few years, at the moment I’m mostly avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Greek yoghurt has more protein, and is thicker so it clings to the fruit a bit better. (That also makes it a better choice for spoon fed yoghurt – feeding runny yoghurt to a child by spoon is a job for a more patient woman than me.) Serves 0.5 as I assume fully grown adults have better puddings at their disposal.

Serves 0.5

1 strawberry, quartered

1 kiwi fruit, in bite sized chunks

1/4 teaspoon of fruit puree or low sugar jam (I use Superjam)

3 or 4 teaspoons of yoghurt

Stir the jam into the yoghurt and coat the fruit with it. Watch it get stuffed into a damp face. In the picture, Bert’s combined it with his own snot – that’s optional but adds a salty tang.