Cheese balls


This is a Leon recipe – I took out the tablespoon (!) of salt and was a bit more free and easy with the cheese medley.

Not sure how many it made as the number seemed to go down when I left the first batch alone with Bert’s dad and sister. I think about 50.

350g cornflour

150g plain flour

175ml water

175ml vegetable oil

175ml whole milk

275g hard cheese – I used pecorino, cheddar and parmesan

2 eggs

Bring the liquids to the boil and then stir into the flours gradually, beating well with a spoon. Add the eggs and then stir through the cheese. You could put some salt in at this point (maybe a couple of teaspoons) – I didn’t but I think my palate’s adjusted to lower salt levels.

You’ll have a very odd, wet dough that looks unmanagable but is strangely obedient. It handles like play dough – I suppose because of the cornflour. Anyway, form into balls (yep, walnut sized) and put on a baking tray in a hot oven (about 200 degrees or near the top of the Aga roasting oven) for 20 minutes.

Good with a glass of milk at 3pm or a G&T at 7pm.


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